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February 2012
Ann's Point Inn Recommended for Honeymoons
In their 2012 Wedding Issue, the 48 Hours In... column of Maine Magazine has chosen Ann's Point Inn as the place to honeymoon on Mt Desert Island. You can pick up Maine Magazine all over Maine; here's a link to the article.

July 2011
Summer Harvest
The vegetable gardens are in full swing. In the hoop house are three varieties of tomatoes and specialty cucumbers. In the cold frame we have loose leaf lettuce at various stages. And on the raised bed we're now picking snap peas.

Spring 2011
New Deck, New Greenhouses
Now that the snow is finally on its last flake, we're embarking on a couple of special projects in preparation for the upcoming season.

Mallards Haven is getting a deck. We're turning one window into a door and building a private deck with views of the harbor and mountains in the park. The photo at the right shows the deck under construction.

Mallard deck under construction
Coldframes under construction Although we try to grow many of the vegetables we use, the afternoon sea breeze and cool evenings sometimes thwarts our efforts. To improve the growing climate we'll be experimenting with two mini greenhouses: an 8 by 4 foot nursery for sprouting and growing lettuce, and a 16 by 6 foot hoop house for bringing veggies to harvest. The photo shows the nursury (between the two raised beds) with its lid held open by a solar-powered piston: The piston expands as the temperature rises, thus increasing the ventillation.

February 2011
New Website for AcadiaChamber
Alan has donated previous-life skills to the local Chamber of Commerce to help them redesign and implement a new website. We hope the new site makes it easier to plan a visit to the Quietside of Acadia. Let us know what you think.

November 2010
New Woodstove Installed
For those cool Maine nights we have installed a very efficient Regency wood stove in our common room. Now guests have their choice of a private fire in their room or a communal fire overlooking the harbor.
June 2010
Electricity from the Sun
If you have been to the inn, you know that we have an unobstructed southern exposure; just water and islands in the distance. It is ideal for generating electricity from the sun. We installed 17 photovoltaic panels with a nominal capacity of nearly 3.5 KW. As in many states, Maine utilities encourage electricity generation by using electric meters that run both ways. When the sun is shining, we often see our meter run backwards. Very sweet!
Photovoltaic array

May 2010
Ann's Point Inn is Certified Green
Maine's Department of Environmental Protection has a great program that encourages businesses to be conscientious in their use of chemicals and energy. Businesses become "Environmental Leaders" by reducing the use of harmful chemicals from their operation and by increasing the use of renewable energy. At Ann's Point Inn our cleaning products are mostly biodegradable, and we use the sun for both heating and generating electricity.
April 2010
New Deck and Patios
We've added a new option for breakfast dining: sitting on a deck overlooking the harbor. We've also added outdoor seating on private patios for our two largest rooms, Blue Heron and Eagles Nest.
Breakfast on the deck

March 2010
Solar Pool Heater Up and Running
Even an indoor swimming pool burns through a lot of fuel to keep the water temperature comfortable. We decided to take advantage of our sometimes sunny location to replace propane with the sun. Six thermal panels were placed on the pool-room roof. When the panels are warm, water from the pool is circulated through the panels using a very quiet and efficient water pump. We're hoping to heat the pool through most of the summer just with the sun.
Solar swimming pool heater

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